Hang Tag

Clothin white Tyvek hang tag

White Tyvek hang tag, made in white tyvek paper

Clothing tag

Clothing tags are the tags hung on various clothing, including some clothing materials, washing precautions and other information. From the point of view of texture, most of the materials used to make hang tags are paper, but also plastic and metal.

International tag

Uncoated white paper, can be print any color and LOGO

International tag

Uncoated whith paper, can be print any color and LOGO, International tag

4cp CMYK hang tag

The stock is uncoated white paper, print 4CP CMYK color, cant be print any color and LOGO

Sugarcane white paper hang tag

sugarcane paper, with cotton string and bulb pin, CMYK print, any color, and thickness, can be customiation